Granny house is a common name for a second dwelling unit, and despite popular assumptions, in most places the occupants don’t have to be related. You may be thinking about building a small granny house on your property, perhaps as a rental unit, or a home for an elderly parent. Maybe you need a studio or a rumpus room or room for a boomerang offspring. Maybe you are thinking of retiring into a small house, using your main house as a rental. Polls show that most people prefer to “age-in-place”. All of the small home plans on this web site offer the flexibility to meet many of these requirements.
No one likes to think about old age. Spec builders have found that accessible design is a marketing turn-off, whether it’s called “Universal Design”, “Intergenerational Design” or “Barrier Free Design”. But old age happens, and if you live beyond 65, chances are good that you will need mobility assistance in your final month or year. Granny Houses by a Granny are all wheel-chair accessible or can be easily changed for 100% wheel-chair accessibility on one level. And the smaller ones could be built for the price of a year in some nursing homes....
Harriet Redlich
CA Architects license #18030
Certified Green Bldg. Professional

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